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Another Day, Another Potential Brothel Suspension

Update 3-1-2018:

Even though the Councilman wanted to revoke Mona’s Ranch license, the Mayor said they were on “better legal ground” to seek a suspension. The suspension will be on for 180 days. After the 6 months, the brothel owners must submit a plan on how they will prevent drugs on the premises.


Well, it looks as if there may be another lineup of ladies out of work through no fault of their own (again). The Elko City Council may decide to suspend or revoke the license for Mona’s Ranch due to lack of supervision on their manager who was up to some pretty bad things.

It all started when the brothel manager and bartender, Peter Alberro, was pulled over after he treated a stop sign as a suggestion. During the police stop, they discovered drug paraphernalia in his car and on his person. Once they discovered that, the proper warrants were obtained and they found more at his home, and in his personal room at Mona’s. They found the amounts to be disturbing as it was more than would be considered for personal use.

It is a damn shame that the girls that work at these brothels have their income in jeopardy because of the actions, inaction, or political payback, of others.

Mr. Alberro’s work permit has been revoked (if anyone cares).