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Are Brothels in Nevada Going Away?

We certainly hope not.

We believe this craziness started with Dennis Hof challenging James Oscarson for Senate Seat 36. One of those two may be virtue signaling. Signatures were being gathered to try to get the question of whether residents want legal brothels in their community or not. Now it seems as if Lyon county will put a question on the ballot, but it’s more of an “advisory” question leaving the decision in the hands of the commission.

The same is being done in Nye county, which is very close to Las Vegas.

We’re sure that closing the brothels in these counties will make prostitution, go away. That was our sarcasm. The truth is that legal prostitution going away would lead to an inevitable rise in illegal prostitution, more spread of STD’s, possibly drugs.

Call us biased, but most of these brothels are under the close eye of their respective county commissions. We don’t hear many Lamar Odom situations going on and these brothels have been here for decades without major issues.