Another Nevada Brothel Has Opening Date!

Sheri's Ranch

Good news! It looks like another Nevada Brothel, this time Sheri’s Ranch, has announced their opening as the first week of May! As we reported a couple of weeks ago, the Chicken Ranch plans on opening as well. More than likely this is due to the fact the the Nevada Governor’s  recovery plan places COVID business restrictions in the hands of the Nye County commission on May 1, 2021. As we mentioned in a previous post, […]

Nevada Brothel Announces Opening Date!

Brothel Re-Grand Opening

March 17th will be 1 full year that Nevada Brothels have been shut down because of the COVID pandemic. Remember “15 Days to Slow the Spread”? Almost 1 full year later we’re still waiting for Nevada’s brothels to open. Well, good news came from a tweet from The Chicken Ranch Twitter on Valentine’s day (perfect!): “Announcement: The Chicken Ranch has a projected opening date. We will be Opening 12:01am May 1st. Keep a close eye […]

Nevada Brothels Shut Down on Governor’s Order

Nevada Brothels Closed

Governor Sisolak of Nevada has ordered the shutdown of all non-essential businesses for 30 days in his state starting tonight, 3/17/2020 at midnight. Gonna be a rough road. You can still support the ladies. Most have Twitter accounts with Amazon Wishlists, or other ways to help them in this trying time. We’ll keep you updated with the inside scoop.  

The Billboard Girl!

Karli Brooks

If you’ve lived in, or have driven through Las Vegas a few years back you may have seen this iconic billboard. It was all over Las Vegas. The blonde bombshell  in the photo is none other than Karli Brooks. Ms. Brooks tweeted the billboard image the other day. We checked her profile and evidently she’s taken her “assets” to the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump Nevada. If you want to see her, you’ll probably want […]

Brothel Ban Update

Nevada Brothel Ban

If you’ve been following Senator Joe Hardy’s crusade against LEGAL Brothels here and here, you’ll be happy to hear that it won’t happen anytime soon. Check the 4:05 update here. “The measure brought by state Sen. Joe Hardy failed to receive a hearing and is not expected to make it past a Friday bill deadline.” Hey Senator Hardy, what have you done to prevent ILLEGAL prostitution? [Photo by Jose Aragones on Unsplash]

The Brothel Debate is Back. Let’s Hear From the Women

Nevada Brothel News

If you weren’t aware, the brothel debate is back. If you missed our last post, Senator Joe Hardy feels he knows what’s best for the women who work in legal brothels. He feels they can’t make the decision for themselves, so he wants to make it for them. On Nevada Newsmakers, we now hear from the 2 courtesans who were the voices in the last vote when the brothel ban came up last year. Ruby […]

The Brothel Ban Debate is Back

Joe Hardy Prostitution

It never ends. No less than 3 months after Lyon County Question 1 that would ban brothels in Lyon County Nevada got smacked down in a 4-1 vote, the debate rages back on, this time by Senator Joe Hardy. Enter stage left with the cape on, this time it’s Senator Joe Hardy who is going to tell the girls what they can and can’t do. He’s going to “save” the sex workers. Maybe he has […]