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What is the Best Brothel in Nevada?

What Brothel is the “Best Brothel in Nevada”? We get asked this question all the time here. Of course, the answer will be different for everyone based on preference, fetish, etc. So how do you find out which legal brothel you’ll fall in love at without spending all of your hard-earned cash at every one? Here’s a rundown of our suggestions for you to find out:

Spend Time at the Brothel Bar

Bars and lounges are a great way to get to know the vibe and energy of the brothel. Many of the bars are sports bars, so you’ll have a chance to relax and watch the game. Though, we’re pretty sure you’ll meet some of the working ladies hanging out there as well. Some are required to put time in at the bar. You can take a look to see if any of them strike your fancy. If you do find that special girl, and are a bit nervous, just tell them you’re unsure of the process as it may be your first time). It’s okay, everyone has a first time. They’ll walk you through the lineup, how the negotiating works, and how the money exchange happens. Oh, and they may mention a tip.

Usually, the girls are nice enough, where if they aren’t your specific type, they’ll try to connect you with one of the other girls who is. Remember, these girls live with each other for short periods of time, so that kind treatment will probably come back to them.

If you don’t see a girl that you’re interested in, or just don’t feel comfortable there, you should be under no obligation besides paying your bar bill. Believe it or not, some people just frequent the bar for the drinks, food and occasional drink specials.

Many of the brothel bars are open 24/7 and have alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Check our homepage for who has bars.

Take a Free Brothel Tour

Many of the Brothels in Nevada have been open a long time, and like the Chicken Ranch, have a rich history. Of course, they love showing that rich history off. Others, like Sheri’s Ranch love showing off their huge resort type brothels. Why not? They hope that once you get in the doors and meet some of the women working, (or should we say “working”) you’ll feel more comfortable with the whole situation and want to have some great, legal sex. Once again, you should be under no obligation for a party.

Even if the tour is free, we recommend tipping the girl who tours you for her time. Remember, getting paid for their time is how they earn a living, and we’re sure they’re better at other things besides playing brothel tour guide.

If you live in a place like Las Vegas, you may be able to spend a day doing the last 2 topics. But a lot of visitors don’t live close. So what other options do you have?


Check the various Brothel websites (hopefully they have one). Does the environment look comfortable? Do they have pictures of their girls? Do you know what girls are there and when? Remember that many of the girls visit for at least 1-2 weeks at a time. Some are there for longer. So knowing if the girl you’ve developed a crush on is there when you plan your visit is a big deal. Usually the websites will have a page for all of their girls, and a separate calendar or list of girls that are there on specific dates. Some of the girl’s schedules are full, others get chosen out of the lineup often, so you may want to try to contact the brothel and book an appointment in advance when you know she’s there.

Some of the websites also have Blogs offering tips and etiquette on how the whole thing works.

Social Media

Many of the girls don’t want to wait for the next lineup and hope they get picked. If they truly run their business like a business, they’ll want to connect with you even if you’re even remotely interested in visiting them. That’s why many of these lovely ladies are on different Social Media platforms. Twitter seems to be the big one for the sex industry. Switter is another that has branded themselves as “sex-industry friendly” (update: Shutdown!). Instagram is very good, but Facebook is a bit strict.

These platforms allow you to connect before you meet, which is usually good on both sides. It allows you to get to know the girl to see if she has a personality you gel with (yes, personality helps!), and also lets the girl get to know you to make sure she would like a party with you…and to make sure you’re not a crazy, psycho stalker.

So how do you find their accounts? Look on the website for the girls’ social media accounts. If not, then follow the brothel’s Social Media account as they seem to be promoting the girls through it these days.

Online Reviews

Some brothels have reviews for the girls on their websites. Usually it’s on their profile pages. When we say “check the reviews” we’re not talking about these. Those reviews go get vetted by the brothel website owners and get manually placed on the website. In other words, try finding a girl with less than 5 stars. Not gonna happen. The reviews you should focus on are third party websites. Most brothels have a listing on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. These are the top websites for people to leave reviews. Keep in mind, people tend to leave reviews when they’re angry, not thrilled with their experience. Not to mention, sometimes businesses try to sabotage their competitors with a fake bad review.

If you’ve ever experienced a Nevada Brothel before, it would help others if you can leave a review on a third party website to help others.

Actual People Reviews

We’ve established that most (all) brothel website reviews are filtered to show you the best. Conversely many (not all) third party review websites have people who may have an ax to grind. Sometimes we forget trying to get a review from an actual human being. Step away from your phone for a second.

You may have a friend whose been to a brothel before. There’s a good chance they’ll be happy to tell you all about their experience. Heck, most brothel patrons aren’t the obsessive type and won’t mind if you went to the same girl. You obviously want to ask them about the lineup of girls. Did they look like their pictures on the website? Was the staff friendly? Did you feel pressured to get a party? You don’t want that because the girls there might not be your type. You may want to ask about the cost, but keep in mind there are a lot of factors that go into this so you may not get the same.

The Girl or the Brothel?

If you’ve been checking the brothel websites, you’ll may see some of the girls changing venues. Most Nevada brothels have the girls working on an independent contractor basis. They generally split the money with the house. Sometimes they may find a more favorable brothel for the amount they want to work. The brothel’s venue, cleanliness, bar, and other x-factors matter, but let’s face it, it’s the time you spend with the working girl that will make your experience matter.

One of those “x-factors” has to do with the girls that the brothel has on the schedule. If your girl has left the industry, or location and they are no longer in a convenient location for you to visit, then the choice of girls that the brothel has available in their lineups matter!

Okay, okay, so we obviously don’t have a favorite. Whether you’re visiting the Vegas Strip and don’t want to mess with potentially shady escort services, or driving your truck across the country, hopefully these tips can help! If you plan on visiting, take cash or a credit card!