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Nevada Brothels Shut Down on Governor’s Order

March 17, 2020
Nevada Brothels Closed

Governor Sisolak of Nevada has ordered the shutdown of all non-essential businesses for 30 days in his state starting tonight, 3/17/2020 at midnight. Gonna be a rough road. You can still support the ladies. Most have Twitter accounts with Amazon Wishlists, or other ways to help them in this trying time. We’ll keep you updated with the inside scoop.  

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The Billboard Girl!

June 20, 2019
Karli Brooks

If you’ve lived in, or have driven through Las Vegas a few years back you may have seen this iconic billboard. It was all over Las Vegas. The blonde bombshell  in the photo is none other than Karli Brooks. Ms. Brooks tweeted the billboard image the other day. We checked her profile and evidently she’s taken her “assets” to the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump Nevada. If you want to see her, you’ll probably want […]

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Brothel Ban Update

April 12, 2019
Nevada Brothel Ban

If you’ve been following Senator Joe Hardy’s crusade against LEGAL Brothels here and here, you’ll be happy to hear that it won’t happen anytime soon. Check the 4:05 update here. “The measure brought by state Sen. Joe Hardy failed to receive a hearing and is not expected to make it past a Friday bill deadline.” Hey Senator Hardy, what have you done to prevent ILLEGAL prostitution? [Photo by Jose Aragones on Unsplash]

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The Brothel Debate is Back. Let’s Hear From the Women

April 11, 2019
Nevada Brothel News

If you weren’t aware, the brothel debate is back. If you missed our last post, Senator Joe Hardy feels he knows what’s best for the women who work in legal brothels. He feels they can’t make the decision for themselves, so he wants to make it for them. On Nevada Newsmakers, we now hear from the 2 courtesans who were the voices in the last vote when the brothel ban came up last year. Ruby […]

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The Brothel Ban Debate is Back

March 20, 2019
Joe Hardy Prostitution

It never ends. No less than 3 months after Lyon County Question 1 that would ban brothels in Lyon County Nevada got smacked down in a 4-1 vote, the debate rages back on, this time by Senator Joe Hardy. Enter stage left with the cape on, this time it’s Senator Joe Hardy who is going to tell the girls what they can and can’t do. He’s going to “save” the sex workers. Maybe he has […]

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Chicken Ranch Brothel Location For Music Video

January 17, 2019
Orville Peck Dead of Night

Who was that masked man? More importantly, where was that masked man? Country crooner Orville Peck has a brand new video out, and the location he chose to film it was at the World Famous Historic Chicken Ranch Brothel. When our newswire went off that the Chicken Ranch was the location of a video by a country singer we hadn’t heard of, we’ll be honest, our hopes weren’t high. However, after we watched “Dead of […]

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The Silencing of Sex Workers

December 7, 2018
Silencing of Sex workers

Here at Nevada Brothels, we like to focus on the fun side of the brothel industry, but we feel we need to get this out there as something very harmful going on. The truth is that Sex Workers are being silenced online and it’s not just hurting their business, it’s putting them at risk. Their voices and online public squares are being taken away from them, and it’s from the last people you’d think. Many […]

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How Much Does It Cost for a “Party” In a Nevada Brothel?

November 15, 2018
How much for a party in a brothel

I we had a nickel for every time someone asked us how much it cost to roll in the hay with one of Nevada’s working ladies. It’s the most common question out there. Look at it like this: Would you ask a real estate agent a vague question like, “How much does a house cost”? Most of the time (not all), the answer would be “it varies”. The cost to party with a girl generally ranges based on […]

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Sex Workers Want the Super Bowl in Las Vegas in 2025

November 12, 2018
Las Vegas Stadium

One of the groups trying to get the Super Bowl in Las Vegas in 2025 is the brothel industry. More specifically, the sex workers. The girls at Sheri’s Ranch told “The Blast” that they’re trying to get the game of games to be at the new football stadium being built for the Raiders in Las Vegas. Allissa who works at Sheri’s Ranch, and who we’ve documented her “Sheri’s Crib” initiative” right here on Nevada Brothels, […]

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The Late Dennis Hof Wins Assembly Seat 36

November 7, 2018
Dennis Hof

We’re not sure if this is a first or not, but Dennis Hof, who passed away on October 16th, was still on the ticket as the Republican candidate for Nevada Assembly Seat 36 and pulled out the win over Democrat Ledia Romanov. Dennis Hof was a brothel owner and businessman in Nevada and was making his second run at Nevada Assembly 36. His first was in 2016 when he ran against incumbent James Oscarson in the […]

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