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Lyon County Question 1 Votes Are In….

November 7, 2018
Brothel Ban

It’s a question for Lyon County that many around the world were aware of. Did the voters want to keep brothels in the county? Yep. They overwhelmingly voted “no” on Lyon County question 1: “Shall the Lyon County Board of Commissioners rescind Title 3, Chapter 5, the Lyon County Brothel Ordinance, in order to end brothels and legalized prostitution in Lyon County, Nevada?” 20,674 votes cast Support: 4,031 Against: 16,643 Remember that this was considered […]

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Lyon County Freedom 4: Guess Who Shows?

October 31, 2018
Lyon County Brothel Debate 4

Lyon County Freedom 4 had their latest debate, and wouldn’t ya know it, people on the opposing side actually showed. The usual duo of Alice Little and Ruby Rae, with another guest star appearance from Air Force Amy. Once again moderated by Chuck Muth. Archie Walker, Smith Valley Baptist Church. His opening statement which probably sounded like his church preachings. Props to these gentlemen for having the cajones to show up. One wonders whether they saw the Redheaded Brawler in […]

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Lyon County Freedom III – “Throwdown in Lyon County”

October 28, 2018
Alice Finger Out

“We not only need to win the vote, we need to crush the vote” If you missed the previous debates, you can catch part 1 and part 2. If you weren’t aware, Brothels in Nevada are under attack. Specifically Lyon and Nye Counties. As with the past debates, Chuck Muth joined Alice Little and Ruby Rae to discuss the topics of legal prostitution in Lyon County, Nevada. Once again  Jason Guinasso and Melissa Holland were no-shows in the opportunity to help these […]

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Lyon County Freedom Debate 2. Opponents No Show….again

October 24, 2018
Lyon County Brothels

Debate number 2 is on for the Lyon County brothel question. Specifically, Lyon County question number 1 which is an advisory question on whether brothels should remain legal in Lyon County. If you missed the first debate, catch up on it here. Chuck Muth, Dennis Hof’s former campaign manager, once again was the commentator, and once again, the people pushing to ban the brothels in Lyon County were no shows. We can only assume that Jason […]

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The Brothel Ban Debate, a Big Win for the “No’s”

October 20, 2018
legal brothels

Well, the debate about the brothel ban question in Lyon County Nevada turned out not to be a debate at all. There were people there to debate on the side of keeping brothels legal in Lyon County, specifically Alice Little and Ruby Rae, and a special appearance by Air Force Amy, who answered questions by Chuck Muth, Dennis Hof’s former campaign manager, but no one showed up to defend the brothel ban. Noticeably absent was […]

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Dennis Hof Passes Away, Love Ranch South Closes… again

October 16, 2018

One of our most blogged about people (okay, easily the most), Dennis Hof, has passed away at 72 years of age, according to the Reno Gazette Journal. The late Dennis Hof owned the Love Ranch South, Love Ranch North, and the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. He wont the Republican primary for Assembly Seat 36, beating James Oscarson. Dennis called himself “The Trump of Pahrump”. The sheriff says there was no indication of foul play at this […]

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What Brothel is Closest to Las Vegas?

October 6, 2018
Closest Brothel to Las Vegas

3 Brothels, 3 Bold Claims. There are 3 brothels in Nevada all claiming to be “Closest Brothel to Las Vegas”. How can that be? Who really holds the crown? This claim is a huge feather in the cap of the winner. Why? Because Las Vegas is in Clark County, and in Clark county prostitution is illegal. However, there are places that are very close where prostitution is legal. So the claim to being closest to […]

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Lyon County Brothel Question

October 4, 2018
Brothel Vote

Brothels are under attack! Unlike in Nye County, where the uptight anti-brothel gang failed to get even the advisory question about brothels on the ballot, Lyon County isn’t out of the woods. When the election comes around, Lyon County will have an “advisory question” on the ballot on whether local residents want to keep brothels in business in their county. How did Nye County get off easy? To get the question on the ballot, they […]

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Las Vegas Escorts and You

September 18, 2018

Las Vegas is known as a party city where just about anything goes. You may be a guy who has thoughts of hitting it big in the casino, dancing in the club, and meeting a female to have a bit of fun. Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s lust, it doesn’t matter here in Sin City. With the alcohol flowing, romance on all different levels is common in Las Vegas. Keep in mind, prostitution in Las […]

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Alien Cathouse Has A New Owner

September 9, 2018

The Alien Cathouse , located in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, is under new ownership and plans to bring in some new girls from the porn industry. Dennis Hof, who keeps our blog busy with running for office, getting brothel licenses taken away, getting them back, getting them taken away again, getting them back again, and a whole bunch of other things, sold the brothel to a businessman named Raman Sharma. Dennis may want to get some things […]

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