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Another Day, Another Potential Brothel Suspension

February 27, 2018

Update 3-1-2018: Even though the Councilman wanted to revoke Mona’s Ranch license, the Mayor said they were on “better legal ground” to seek a suspension. The suspension will be on for 180 days. After the 6 months, the brothel owners must submit a plan on how they will prevent drugs on the premises.   Well, it looks as if there may be another lineup of ladies out of work through no fault of their own […]

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Love Ranch Closed?

February 26, 2018

*Update 2* Well, it looks as if the Love Ranch is open again! *Update 1* The Love Ranch remains closed when the county upheld the suspension. Nye County says the earliest it can open would be at at the commission’s next meeting on March 12th. The Love Bunny Ranch brothel in Pahrump hasn’t been kept up to code according to the Nye County officials and Dennis Hof’s license has been suspended. It seems as if […]

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Brothel Free Limo Service

January 20, 2018
Brothel limousine service

Many of the brothels in Nevada offer some type of free car service for people who want to visit their establishments. They obviously hope to make a profit from it, with hopes that you’ll see a girl that you like, and pay to get a party. Brothels located right outside of Las Vegas are classic for this, as many of their brothel visitors come from the Las Vegas Strip. Some are in Las Vegas for […]

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Pay for your Party with Bitcoin?

January 16, 2018
Bitcoin in Brothels

Patrons at the famous Bunny Ranch Brothel may soon be able to pay for their Party’s with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Dennis Hof, owner of the Brothel, said he’s exploring the option on on the request of some of his high dollar clients. Discretion is paramount in the brothel business as the girls who work there want their clients to come back. Blow a guy’s…-uh, cover, and it can negatively affect his personal life to the […]

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You Too Can Have Sex With A Virgin

January 4, 2018

Update: An incredible breakthrough where proof will be provided that the product you’re bidding on is genuine, Baily Gibson now supposedly has a note from her doctor that says her innocence is intact. Baily thinks that this will help her get the amount of her cherry to whopping $10 million. Whoa. Yet Another Virgin Auctioning Off Her Virginity. This is happening enough where we should make an acronym for it: YAVAOHV According to, a virgin girl named Bailey Gibson […]

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Spend New Years Eve at a Nevada Brothel

December 26, 2017
New Years Eve

If you’re in Las Vegas, and have nothing to do New Years Eve… actually, even if you have a lot of things to do on New Years Eve, we’re sure that we have a better option. The Chicken Ranch Brothel is throwing a New Years Eve party in their Leghorn Bar. As usual, there’s no pressure to get a party with one of their lovely ladies, but we’re sure it’ll be a more memorable New […]

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Sheri’s Ranch Escort Reveals Behind The Scenes

December 24, 2017
Brothel Video

We love to learn about the inner-workings of the worlds oldest profession. That’s why we enjoyed reading the story of one of the lovely ladies who works at Sheri’s Ranch.  The beautiful Allissa opened up to the Daily Star Online about how working in a Brothel has been a great experience in her life. Allissa shatters the notion and many falsehoods about why many would think girls would choose to work in a brothel. She says […]

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Let The Mud Slinging Begin (again) for Nevada Assembly Seat 36

December 17, 2017
Dennis Hof

If the 2016 Presidential election has shown us anything, it’s that a campaign of “vote for me because at least I’m better than my opponent” doesn’t seem to work. Dennis Hof, once again is running for Nevada Assembly Seat 36 and posted billboards about his Republican primary opponent James Oscarson’s 1997 arrest on an assault charge. Oscarson later plead guilty to the lesser charge disorderly conduct. The arrest took place at a hockey game. Yep, you […]

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Nevada Brothel Movie Stars Former WWE Star

December 8, 2017
Nevada Brothel Documentary

A new upcoming film about a Nevada brothel is coming to theaters in 2018 called The Kamasutra Garden, starring former WWE star Bill DeMott. It’s a fake documentary movie, about a brothel (the only brothel) where the girls are trained in the ancient art of lovemaking called Kamasutra.  We learn the lives and secrets of the beautiful ladies who work at the brothel. The acting based on the trailer, seems, well… let’s just say, it’ll give […]

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Sorry Harvey, Dennis Doesn’t Want You Around

December 1, 2017
Bunny Ranch Brothel

Looks like Dennis Hof put a line in the sand on whether or not he’ll welcome Harvey Weinstein in his brothels. Hof, always one to capitalize on current events, said he’d send Hollywood’s Public Enemy #1 on his merry way if he shows up. This is a stark difference to when Hof said he wanted to hire OJ Simpson as a Greeter at one of his establishments. However, he may have wanted to speak with his […]

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