Brothel Banners Concede Defeat… in the Short Term

The uptight people who want brothels banned in Nye county have given in to the fact that they won’t get the signatures they need in the allotted time. These citizens of high morality were hundreds of signatures short.

I guess these people would rather have illegal prostitution, which brings illegal pimps, and illegal drugs to the area.

Let’s face it, if people wanted to remove these brothels, then they would have come out of the woodwork to sign. Banning these brothels would also put a heck of a lot of people out of work. Just think, you’ve got the girls, the drivers, the cooks, the janitors, the managers, the house moms, and whoever else. The people who brought this up care more about moral grandstanding than they actually care about the people in their county.

Not to mention, this all seemed to be about politics against one person.