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Fire at The Kit Kat Ranch

Some terrible news in the world of legal brothels. The Kit Kat Ranch in Northern Nevada had a very bad fire. Fortunately, nine people who were in the house at the time got out safe. We're happy that staff and Courtesans got out, however many

Another Nevada Brothel Has Opening Date!

Good news! It looks like another Nevada Brothel, this time Sheri's Ranch, has announced their opening as the first week of May! As we reported a couple of weeks ago, the Chicken Ranch plans on opening as well. More than likely this is due to

Nevada Brothel Announces Opening Date!

March 17th will be 1 full year that Nevada Brothels have been shut down because of the COVID pandemic. Remember "15 Days to Slow the Spread"? Almost 1 full year later we're still waiting for Nevada's brothels to open. Well, good news came from a

Nevada Brothels Shut Down on Governor’s Order

Governor Sisolak of Nevada has ordered the shutdown of all non-essential businesses for 30 days in his state starting tonight, 3/17/2020 at midnight. Gonna be a rough road. You can still support the ladies. Most have Twitter accounts with Amazon Wishlists, or other ways to

The Billboard Girl!

If you've lived in, or have driven through Las Vegas a few years back you may have seen this iconic billboard. It was all over Las Vegas. The blonde bombshell in the photo is none other than Karli Brooks. Ms. Brooks tweeted the billboard image

Brothel Ban Update

If you've been following Senator Joe Hardy's crusade against LEGAL Brothels here and here, you'll be happy to hear that it won't happen anytime soon. Check the 4:05 update here (link removed). "The measure brought by state Sen. Joe Hardy failed to receive a hearing

The Brothel Debate is Back. Let’s Hear From the Women

If you weren't aware, the brothel debate is back. If you missed our last post, Senator Joe Hardy feels he knows what's best for the women who work in legal brothels. He feels they can't make the decision for themselves, so he wants to make

The Brothel Ban Debate is Back

It never ends. No less than 3 months after Lyon County Question 1 that would ban brothels in Lyon County Nevada got smacked down in a 4-1 vote, the debate rages back on, this time by Senator Joe Hardy. Enter stage left with the cape

Brothels Near Las Vegas

Click to skip straight to the Brothels near Las Vegas Las Vegas' reputation for glamor and excitement precedes it worldwide - with its renowned casinos, wild nightlife scene, and adult entertainment options, like strip clubs and swinger parties. The little known secret however is that

Chicken Ranch Brothel Location For Music Video

Who was that masked man? More importantly, where was that masked man? Country crooner Orville Peck has a brand new video out, and the location he chose to film it was at the World Famous Historic Chicken Ranch Brothel. When our newswire went off that

The Silencing of Sex Workers

Here at Nevada Brothels, we like to focus on the fun side of the brothel industry, but we feel we need to get this out there as something very harmful going on. The truth is that Sex Workers are being silenced online and it's not

Sex Workers Want the Super Bowl in Las Vegas in 2025

One of the groups trying to get the Super Bowl in Las Vegas in 2025 is the brothel industry. More specifically, the sex workers. The girls at Sheri's Ranch told "The Blast" that they're trying to get the game of games to be at the

The Late Dennis Hof Wins Assembly Seat 36

We're not sure if this is a first or not, but Dennis Hof, who passed away on October 16th, was still on the ticket as the Republican candidate for Nevada Assembly Seat 36 and pulled out the win over Democrat Ledia Romanov. Dennis Hof was

Lyon County Question 1 Votes Are In….

It's a question for Lyon County that many around the world were aware of. Did the voters want to keep brothels in the county? Yep. They overwhelmingly voted "no" on Lyon County question 1: "Shall the Lyon County Board of Commissioners rescind Title 3, Chapter

Lyon County Freedom 4: Guess Who Shows?

Lyon County Freedom 4 had their latest debate, and wouldn't ya know it, people on the opposing side actually showed. The usual duo of Alice Little and Ruby Rae, with another guest star appearance from Air Force Amy. Once again moderated by Chuck Muth. Archie

Lyon County Freedom Debate 2. Opponents No Show….again

Debate number 2 is on for the Lyon County brothel question. Specifically, Lyon County question number 1 which is an advisory question on whether brothels should remain legal in Lyon County. If you missed the first debate, catch up on it here. Chuck Muth, Dennis

The Brothel Ban Debate, a Big Win for the “No’s”

Well, the debate about the brothel ban question in Lyon County Nevada turned out not to be a debate at all. There were people there to debate on the side of keeping brothels legal in Lyon County, specifically Alice Little and Ruby Rae, and a

Dennis Hof Passes Away, Love Ranch South Closes… again

One of our most blogged about people (okay, easily the most), Dennis Hof, has passed away at 72 years of age, according to the Reno Gazette Journal. The late Dennis Hof owned the Love Ranch South, Love Ranch North, and the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. He

What Brothel is Closest to Las Vegas?

3 Brothels, 3 Bold Claims. There are 3 brothels in Nevada all claiming to be "Closest Brothel to Las Vegas". How can that be? Who really holds the crown? This claim is a huge feather in the cap of the winner. Why? Because Las Vegas

Lyon County Brothel Question

Brothels are under attack! Unlike in Nye County, where the uptight anti-brothel gang failed to get even the advisory question about brothels on the ballot, Lyon County isn't out of the woods. When the election comes around, Lyon County will have an "advisory question" on

Las Vegas Escorts and You

Las Vegas is known as a party city where just about anything goes. You may be a guy who has thoughts of hitting it big in the casino, dancing in the club, and meeting a female to have a bit of fun. Maybe it's love,

Alien Cathouse Has A New Owner

The Alien Cathouse , located in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, is under new ownership and plans to bring in some new girls from the porn industry. Dennis Hof, who keeps our blog busy with running for office, getting brothel licenses taken away, getting them back, getting

What is the Best Brothel in Nevada?

What Brothel is the "Best Brothel in Nevada"? We get asked this question all the time here. Of course, the answer will be different for everyone based on preference, fetish, etc. So how do you find out which legal brothel you'll fall in love at

Love Ranch Back Open (again)

Well, that didn't take long. A judge today ruled that Dennis Hof may re-open his Love Ranch (South) after losing his license in the beginning of the month for 3 violations, one of which being a late license renewal. The judge, the honorable Richard Boulware,

Bordello Run 2018

The Bordello Run is back! Southern Nevada's best motorcycle run (we may be biased) is on October 20th, 2018 sponsored by Red Rock Harley Davidson. If you've done the motorcycle run in the last, you may remember from previous Bordello Run's, the route takes you

Sheri’s Ranch Offers Video of Your Party!

Most people want their visit to a brothel to be extremely private. Many don't want their significant other, their boss, their fans, to know they've visited a brothel. Well, Sheri's Ranch, the beautiful report type Nevada Brothel are allowing people to keep their memories on

Dennis Hof Loses License for the Love Ranch

*Update* It's back open! The workers at The Love Ranch must be despondent. Back in February, it was closed for violations. The it opened again in March. Now it seems to be closed again. The closure was due to a vote from Nye County commission

Brothel Banners Concede Defeat… in the Short Term

The uptight people who want brothels banned in Nye county have given in to the fact that they won't get the signatures they need in the allotted time. These citizens of high morality were hundreds of signatures short. I guess these people would rather have

Chicken Ranch Brothel Tour

Well, well well. Ever been in in a brothel? Wondering what it's really like? Addison from the Chicken Ranch Brothel, who previously gave us her tour of their Dungeon, now gives us a tour of the whole Chicken Ranch. Please Chicken Ranch, keep these videos

Are Brothels in Nevada Going Away?

We certainly hope not. We believe this craziness started with Dennis Hof challenging James Oscarson for Senate Seat 36. One of those two may be virtue signaling. Signatures were being gathered to try to get the question of whether residents want legal brothels in their

BDSM at the Chicken Ranch

If the Chicken Ranch was keeping their "Dungeon Room" quiet, they haven't done a great job. Thankfully we have full access to what their Dungeon looks like. The gorgeous Addison takes us on a tour of what seems to be one of the best dungeons

Love Ranch Back Open

We told you last month that the Love Ranch has closed due to structural violations. Thankfully it looks as if those violations have been either taken care of or are in the process of being taken care of. The Nye County Commission reinstated Hof’s license

Another Day, Another Potential Brothel Suspension

Update 3-1-2018: Even though the Councilman wanted to revoke Mona's Ranch license, the Mayor said they were on "better legal ground" to seek a suspension. The suspension will be on for 180 days. After the 6 months, the brothel owners must submit a plan on

Love Ranch Closed?

*Update 2* Well, it looks as if the Love Ranch is open again! *Update 1* The Love Ranch remains closed when the county upheld the suspension. Nye County says the earliest it can open would be at at the commission's next meeting on March 12th.

Brothel Free Limo Service

Many of the brothels in Nevada offer some type of free car service for people who want to visit their establishments. They obviously hope to make a profit from it, with hopes that you'll see a girl that you like, and pay to get a

Pay for your Party with Bitcoin?

Patrons at the famous Bunny Ranch Brothel may soon be able to pay for their Party's with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Dennis Hof, owner of the Brothel, said he's exploring the option on on the request of some of his high dollar clients. Discretion is paramount

You Too Can Have Sex With A Virgin

Update: An incredible breakthrough where proof will be provided that the product you're bidding on is genuine, Baily Gibson now supposedly has a note from her doctor that says her innocence is intact. Baily thinks that this will help her get the amount of her

Spend New Years Eve at a Nevada Brothel

If you're in Las Vegas, and have nothing to do New Years Eve... actually, even if you have a lot of things to do on New Years Eve, we're sure that we have a better option. The Chicken Ranch Brothel is throwing a New Years

Sheri’s Ranch Escort Reveals Behind The Scenes

We love to learn about the inner-workings of the worlds oldest profession. That's why we enjoyed reading the story of one of the lovely ladies who works at Sheri's Ranch. The beautiful Allissa opened up to the Daily Star Online about how working in a

Nevada Brothel Movie Stars Former WWE Star

A new upcoming film about a Nevada brothel is coming to theaters in 2018 called The Kamasutra Garden, starring former WWE star Bill DeMott. It's a fake documentary movie, about a brothel (the only brothel) where the girls are trained in the ancient art of

Sorry Harvey, Dennis Doesn’t Want You Around

Looks like Dennis Hof put a line in the sand on whether or not he'll welcome Harvey Weinstein in his brothels. Hof, always one to capitalize on current events, said he'd send Hollywood's Public Enemy #1 on his merry way if he shows up. This

Chicken Ranch Brothel on the Market

Looking to buy a Brothel? The World Famous Chicken Ranch Brothel located in Pahrump, Nevada is up for sale with a 4.5 million dollar price tag. The Chicken Ranch, with it's rich history and brand recognition, is the closest Brothel to the Las Vegas Strip.

2017 Bordello Run

The rescheduled 2017 Bordello Run our of Las Vegas, presented by Thunder Rallys, LLC, will be held on September 30th, 2017. The original date was February 18th, but was canceled and rescheduled because of inclement weather that weekend. The annual excursion starts at Red Rock

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Fire at The Kit Kat Ranch

Some terrible news in the world of legal brothels. The Kit Kat Ranch in Northern Nevada had a very bad fire. Fortunately, nine people who were in the house at the time got out safe. We're happy that staff and Courtesans got out, however many ... READ MORE

Another Nevada Brothel Has Opening Date!

Good news! It looks like another Nevada Brothel, this time Sheri's Ranch, has announced their opening as the first week of May! As we reported a couple of weeks ago, the Chicken Ranch plans on opening as well. More than likely this is due to ... READ MORE