Chicken Ranch

Chicken Ranch

Located in Pahrump, Nevada, and known as “The Las Vegas Brothel” since it’s the closest brothel to Las Vegas clocking in at a little over an hour drive from the Strip.

The brothel has 17 rooms, outdoor pool, Indoor and outdoor hot tubs, and bungalow with upgrade rooms. The bungalow which sits in the back yard has 3 themed bungalows, with a state of the art dungeon for those BDSM fans.

The Leghorn Bar is connected to the Chicken Ranch with it’s own separate entrance. It has a fully stocked bar, pool table, sun room, and merchandise for sale. They have everything from caps, to bar keys, to official Zippo lighters. You’ll be sure to see some of the beautiful ladies girls lingering around there. They have a big TV behind the bar with the ladies who are there scrolling across it. You can choose your lady from there and they’ll bring her up. This works for men who are a bit timid about a lineup.

The Chicken Ranch does not have the ladies in the bar when patrons are there. Only if you request them. However, they have parties in their bar about once per month where all of the ladies are hanging around and having fun.

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Address: 10511 Homestead Rd
Pahrump, NV 89061
Phone: 775-727-5721
Toll Free Phone: 877-585-2397
Hours: 24/7
Bar: Yes
Free Tours: Yes
Free Limo/Shuttle Service: Yes