You Too Can Have Sex With A Virgin

Update: An incredible breakthrough where proof will be provided that the product you’re bidding on is genuine, Baily Gibson now supposedly has a note from her doctor that says her innocence is intact. Baily thinks that this will help her get the amount of her cherry to whopping $10 million. Whoa.

Yet Another Virgin Auctioning Off Her Virginity. This is happening enough where we should make an acronym for it: YAVAOHV

According to, a virgin girl named Bailey Gibson from California is auctioning off her cherry to one rich lucky bidder to be had at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch.

The Communications Director from the Bunny Ranch said:

“Based on the deluge of inquiries resulting from our recent newsletter announcement to Bunny Ranch clientele about Bailey’s virginity auction, brothel owner Dennis Hof expects her virginity to go for mid-six figures to seven figures”

Mid 6 to seven figures. What? Check some of the girls in the Brothels here in Nevada. I’m pretty you can just pay a girl to pretend she’s virgin, and it’ll cost you a lot less.

[Photo credit Grzegorz Jereczek]