Las Vegas Escorts and You

Las Vegas is known as a party city where just about anything goes. You may be a guy who has thoughts of hitting it big in the casino, dancing in the club, and meeting a female to have a bit of fun. Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s lust, it doesn’t matter here in Sin City. With the alcohol flowing, romance on all different levels is common in Las Vegas.

Keep in mind, prostitution in Las Vegas is illegal. We know, you’ve heard prostitution is legal in Nevada, well it is. However, prostitution is illegal in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located. Don’t worry, we’re not here to lecture you. Speeding is illegal as well, and we’ve done it… more than once. So, if you’re going to do it, you need to read on.

More than likely, if you search for Las Vegas escorts in your favorite search engine, you’ll find girls who will come to your hotel room, house, or apartment to render their services. Most of these girls are true to their craft, and take pride in it. After all, it is the worlds oldest profession. It’s the few bad escort experiences we hear about that you just need to be mindful of. Be aware of all of your valuables (the ones in and out of your underwear), be aware of your drink, and any pills offered.

Even with the free limo ride from Las Vegas to the 3 closest brothels in Nevada, if you still don’t want to go the legal route, and still insist on a rendezvous an escort, make sure you use protection. You must use protection in a legal brothel as well, but you can feel a lot safer knowing that girls in the brothels in Nevada have to be tested on a regular basis for STDs.

Now as careful as you have to be using an escort in Las Vegas, just put yourself in the girl’s shoes. It’s 10x worse. If you think you’re a bit nervous, the girl will be as well. She’s not familiar with you, the location, and who else is around. She’s coming in blind. It’s a lot tougher for her to vet you, than it is you to vet her. So be cool, don’t be too drunk, too high, or a jackass.

It’s also worth mentioning the issues SESTA and FOSTA have caused. Basically, girls were able to get to know their potential clients through websites that would connect them, as well as social media platforms. Now in an effort to shut down sex trafficking, the SESTA and FOSTA bill may have scared these websites and platforms into just shutting the prostitution talk down almost entirely.

If you want to remail private when searching for a Las Vegas escort, use the Brave browser, a VPN, and DuckDuckGo.

However, if you want to have a fun time without the potential for criminal charges, check all of the Nevada Brothel locations to see what’s closest to you.