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Let The Mud Slinging Begin (again) for Nevada Assembly Seat 36

If the 2016 Presidential election has shown us anything, it’s that a campaign of “vote for me because at least I’m better than my opponent” doesn’t seem to work.

Dennis Hof, once again is running for Nevada Assembly Seat 36 and posted billboards about his Republican primary opponent James Oscarson’s 1997 arrest on an assault charge. Oscarson later plead guilty to the lesser charge disorderly conduct. The arrest took place at a hockey game. Yep, you read that right. 20 years ago he got rowdy at a hockey game.

Oscarson had responded via a Twitter post:

It reads

“My opponent, a man who calls himself a ‘pimp,’ seems to think that he’s going to ‘get me’ by threatening to tell people that, over 20 years ago, I had to plead guilty to disorderly conduct at a hockey game,” he said. “At an ice hockey game… I was arrested and had to plead guilty to a disorderly conduct charge, an incident I regret.

I find it remarkable that a pimp, who makes his living by exploiting women, lobbying for high school children to be able to work in his brothels, brags about using on of his ‘girls’ for money that she made outside of his domain, you know this sordid list just goes on and on, is trying to call me out on a disorderly conduct charge at a hockey game 20 years ago.

Dennis Hof has rdefined disgusting in politics. Our elected representatives are supposed to be a reflection of the constituents who elect them. None of us is perfect, but Dennis Hof is a new low, who does not represent the character of the people of District 36.”

As you can see, Oscarson’s supporters went on the offensive in the streets:

Hof lost to James Oscarson, R-Pahrump, in 2016 by more than 20% points. Hof will run as a Republican in 2018 and will take on Oscarson in the Republican primary. If you remember, Hof ran as a Libertarian in 2016.