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Love Ranch Closed?

*Update 2*

Well, it looks as if the Love Ranch is open again!

*Update 1*

The Love Ranch remains closed when the county upheld the suspension. Nye County says the earliest it can open would be at at the commission’s next meeting on March 12th.

The Love Bunny Ranch brothel in Pahrump hasn’t been kept up to code according to the Nye County officials and Dennis Hof’s license has been suspended. It seems as if there are outstanding fire and safety violations that haven’t been attended to.

Mr Hof insists it’s all a political witch hunt, all because he’s running for Nevada Assembly Seat 36 against James Oscarson:

“Nye County is the most corrupt county in America. Run for office and you’ll find out”

Dennis Hof must fix the issues, then present them to Nye County officials to open up again.