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Lyon County Brothel Question

Brothels are under attack! Unlike in Nye County, where the uptight anti-brothel gang failed to get even the advisory question about brothels on the ballot, Lyon County isn’t out of the woods. When the election comes around, Lyon County will have an “advisory question” on the ballot on whether local residents want to keep brothels in business in their county.

How did Nye County get off easy? To get the question on the ballot, they had to get 1963 signatures by June 29, 2018. The caveat? The signatures had to be from people who live in Nye County AND voted in the last election. They threw in the towel when they knew they weren’t going to hit the goal citing lack of funding to pay people to knock on doors.

For Lyon County, the question remains, though not as harsh. The vote isn’t the end-all be-all decision. The advisory question means that no matter how they vote, the Lyon County Commission will have the final decision.

The specific question:

“Shall the Lyon County Board of Commissioners rescind Title 3, Chapter 5, the Lyon County Brothel Ordinance, in order to end brothels and legalized prostitution in Lyon County, Nevada?”

Think of it, if they ban brothels, do you think prostitution will go away? Not even close. Prostitution will just go underground which will cause a whole slew of new issues.

If Brothels are shut down, taxes to the county will drop about half a million dollars

From Lyon County Freedom, “Lyon County’s four legal brothels currently pay $458,952 in various taxes and fees every year.”

How do you think the Lyon County commission gets paid the big bucks?! Okay so judging from the public records they aren’t rich from their county job, although keep in mind, this might not be a full time job. However, they get their pay (as well as other County employees) from the taxpayers. If the the vote gets a yes, then these individuals will have the power on what to do with brothels in Lyon County.

2017 Lyon County Commission Salaries

Lyon County Commission

Girls doing it illegally with pimps

One of the ridiculous ads used to try to get a “Yes” vote for question 1 is to somehow show that girls are doing this against their will with their “No Little Girl” campaign. Girls have spoken out about this and nothing can be further from the truth. Even the girls who work in the Nevada Brothels are getting involved politically. Bunny Ranch’s #1 Companion of the Year, Alice Little, wrote a letter to the President of End Trafficking and Prostitution in which she blasted his ads and his words to the Washington Post.

She even challenged them to debate

No STD testing for street prostitutes

Seriously, do you think that illegal working ladies will get checked on a regular basis? More than likely, no. Girls who work in legal brothels are required to get testing on a regular basis in order to stay employed at the brothels. Illegal prostitution will help the spread STDs in Lyon County and elsewhere.

Illegal pimps and prostitutes won’t respect church and school zones

There’s a good chance that if they close legal brothels, the girls aren’t going to all get desk jobs. Matter of fact, they’ll be in civilian’s lives more than they are now. There will be many that will be working on the streets looking for guys that want their next short term companion.

Less protection for working girls

Sex workers are workers and deserve a safe place to work. Brothels give girls a safe place to work their craft, with others just rooms away in case there’s trouble. Brothels will turn away guys (and girls) if they’re rowdy, or pose a threat to the ladies.

If the girls have to work on their own, they’ll have to vet each appointment they have meaning one slip, and they could be put into a dangerous situation.

The voting will be next month and we can’t stress enough…

If you’re in Lyon County, VOTE NO ON QUESTION 1!