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Lyon County Freedom 4: Guess Who Shows?

Lyon County Freedom 4 had their latest debate, and wouldn’t ya know it, people on the opposing side actually showed.

The usual duo of Alice Little and Ruby Rae, with another guest star appearance from Air Force Amy. Once again moderated by Chuck Muth.

Archie Walker, Smith Valley Baptist Church. His opening statement which probably sounded like his church preachings. Props to these gentlemen for having the cajones to show up. One wonders whether they saw the Redheaded Brawler in action at the last debate.

Archie’s son, Pastor Travis Walker spoke and wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t against the girls. He’s against what they’re doing, just like they may be against what he’s doing. Fair enough.

Ruby Rae explains that she’s a fully grown woman who can make her own decisions. She explained that she just wants her choices respected. Taking her job away is not respecting her as a person.

Basically the men who came from the church had one argument. Their faith. We respect that, but it’s called “faith” for a reason. You have to believe. They shouldn’t be pushing their beliefs on everyone else. Chuck Muth brought in a great point, this isn’t about anyone’s belief’s, it’s about public policy.

We’ll spare you the religious back and forth arguing, but one woman brings up the point that it isn’t a religious question, it’s public policy.

Commissioner Hastings brings up the facts: Lyon County will lose between $450,000 and $500,000 if they close the brothels down, but of course couldn’t guarantee that taxes would go up when pressed on it.

Commissioner Kenneth Gray also speaks. He said he’s discussed the matter with a lot of the churches in Lyon County and now, no longer feels welcome in his church, and that his minister said they’d vote him out.

Lots of audience input.

Quick update. It seems as if the videos have been removed off of YouTube. Here’s a link to the Livestream.