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Lyon County Freedom III – “Throwdown in Lyon County”

“We not only need to win the vote, we need to crush the vote”

If you missed the previous debates, you can catch part 1 and part 2. If you weren’t aware, Brothels in Nevada are under attack. Specifically Lyon and Nye Counties.

As with the past debates, Chuck Muth joined Alice Little and Ruby Rae to discuss the topics of legal prostitution in Lyon County, Nevada. Once again Jason Guinasso and Melissa Holland were no-shows in the opportunity to help these “trafficked women” (sarcasm).

Oh boy. Don’t mess with a Redhead.

We’re going to with the prime time action. Fortunately, it didn’t get as bad as the after-fight of Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov fight, but this was definitely exciting.

A man from the audience gets up and asks to see if anyone else is not in favor of brothels besides him. No one answered. He starts talking morality… and then exposes his own character by saying…

“If you want to be a whore, that’s your business”

That was not taken well. Even the guy sitting next to him starts to scold him for that comment.

Lyon County Freedom audience

Alice Little is…. well, little, but evidently has a lot of spirit and wasn’t going to take that sitting down. She gets up, tells him how disrespectful he is for calling her a whore.

Lot’s of yelling. Air Force Amy, comes in between them to restore some order. Chuck Muth gets in between them as well like Dana White between 2 UFC fighters.

We can barely make out the disrespectful oaf’s mumbling, but other audience members blast him as well “Then why are you here?!?”. We’re glad the guy kept talking because he made an even bigger ass of himself.

Once again, we’re begging the question… if the girls were trafficked, is this how they’d act? They obviously take pride in their services, and call us biased, but they should.

The guy finally conceded that he’s said enough and was leaving. Steam coming out of Alice’s ears, the crowd clapped as he left. We broke down the video frame by frame, and loved every second of it. Especially the guy in between them.

Chuck Muth gets everyone back to the debate by cracking a joke about getting Alice to come out of her shell. Bravo.

Ruby Rae then gets us back on track with the charities they help out.

We won’t cover some of the same things that we covered in the past debates, but here are some of the main topics, and some that weren’t covered before. Always great, but not nearly as exciting as Alice Little’s fire. So much fire, the Tony Soprano guy right there seemed a bit nervous…

Beware Alice Little

Why legal prostitution?

Ruby Rae says the girls are much safer because of the security they have, in-room panic buttons (which Rae says in the seven years that she’s been there, she’s never had to use). The patrons must wear condoms, and have a visual check of their “equipment” before any money is even exchanged. The patrons are safer going the legal route because the girls are tested frequently and can’t work if they have an STI.

Alice Little explains that legal prostitution is better than issues the inevitable illegal prostitution would bring to the county. STI’s, higher taxes on the residents since 30% of discretionary budget for the county comes from legal brothels. That’s well over $300,000 per year. People don’t even consider the 130+ workers that support the brothels- the media, housekeeping, cashiers, the people who handle the websites, and other support staff.

Ms. Little explains that sex workers offer care and companionship to people who need it.

The girls also respond to the no-show opponents’ ads of girls being wrapped up like meat and in other degrading visuals. Ruby Rae said she feels exploited by them the opponents, not the system. Alice brings up the good point that the people who want to ban brothels, have never reached out to them about their work, nor have they tried to help.

The Outdate

If any of the girls leave the brothel, they have to first meet the patron in the brothel. Then they have to fill out paperwork, make and model of the patron’s vehicle, copy of their ID, where they’re going, when they’ll be back, etc.

Also, the girls will never be questioned for saying “No” in the legal brothel world.

A whopping 1000 girls per month are applying at legal brothels per month. That certainly doesn’t sound like anyone is being forced into doing anything they don’t want to do.

Audience questions

Someone in the audience brought up a good point that was brought up in part 2. Most of the people that are for banning the brothels aren’t from Lyon County. Do the people of Lyon County want people outside of the county deciding what’s best for them? Most don’t like that one bit.

We hear from support staff

We hear from a senior manager staff member who talks about her experience working in a brothel as a non-sex worker. This was great as she offered the people there to just come and visit. It’s a professional business in case anyone thinks otherwise.

Another audience member mentioned that she and a group of seniors went for 2 tours and wanted to go back again. She recommended that other women go on these tours.

Air Force Amy gets to the main table to speak, and talks about how legal brothels used to work in the old days and how much better they’re operated now. She gives the late Dennis Hof a ton of credit. She also talks about the camaraderie the girls have between each other as well.

Even though most of the people seem to be for voting “No” on Lyon County 1, Alice says it’s not a fight they want to take for granted. “We not only need to win the vote, we need to crush the vote”.

Watch the action packed event below. The intensity starts at 28:00. Update, it seems as if their YouTube channel has been terminated. We’re working to find out if there are alternates.

Another update, here’s a link to the Livestream.