Nevada Brothel Announces Opening Date!

March 17th will be 1 full year that Nevada Brothels have been shut down because of the COVID pandemic. Remember “15 Days to Slow the Spread”?

Almost 1 full year later we’re still waiting for Nevada’s brothels to open.

Well, good news came from a tweet from The Chicken Ranch Twitter on Valentine’s day (perfect!):

“Announcement: The Chicken Ranch has a projected opening date. We will be Opening 12:01am May 1st. Keep a close eye here, our Telegram, and our website!
Ladies, please contact Madam Trudy!”

Being the Internet Sleuths that we are here, we had to investigate where they got this date from. We found the latest Nevada Road to Recovery and our reading began.

Sure enough on page 18:

Brothels Opening

Now, we know that it says the local authority gets to make the decision. We also know that Nye County met on February 3rd to pressure the Governor to allow all businesses to open. So we’re pretty sure The Chicken Ranch has some good info that the County will allow them to open up.

The Chicken Ranch has announced a party on that day as well. Details here.

We’re sure others will be announcing soon. As always, we offer them our website to make any specific announcements.

All I know is we can’t wait!