Pay for your Party with Bitcoin?

Patrons at the famous Bunny Ranch Brothel may soon be able to pay for their Party’s with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Dennis Hof, owner of the Brothel, said he’s exploring the option on on the request of some of his high dollar clients. Discretion is paramount in the brothel business as the girls who work there want their clients to come back. Blow a guy’s…-uh, cover, and it can negatively affect his personal life to the point he doesn’t come back. With all computer hacks that happen exposing people’s personal data, one can only wonder how businesses lock down their client info, if their computer software is up to date, and if they have their passwords locked down.

So accepting Bitcoin makes sense. However…

Is Bitcoin Really Private?

Bitcoin isn’t really as private as some may think. Since Bitcoin is the preferred currency used by criminals, law enforcement agencies are using software to find and flag the potentially illegal digital transactions taking place. People looking for more privacy are switching to other digital currencies that are more private than Bitcoin, like Monero, which avoids tracking altogether.

The positive side of this, is that we’d like to think that the brothel industry is exploring options to better serve their clients. Will it ever come to fruition? The fact that Dennis Hof is “exploring the option” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll happen. More often than not with Mr. Hof, it means it would make a great story for free press to say what passed through his mind.