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Sex Workers Want the Super Bowl in Las Vegas in 2025

One of the groups trying to get the Super Bowl in Las Vegas in 2025 is the brothel industry. More specifically, the sex workers.

The girls at Sheri’s Ranch told “The Blast” that they’re trying to get the game of games to be at the new football stadium being built for the Raiders in Las Vegas.

Allissa who works at Sheri’s Ranch, and who we’ve documented her “Sheri’s Crib” initiative” right here on Nevada Brothels, has told The Blast that they’re willing to “Go all the way” and have the biggest tailgate party the NFL has ever seen. Based on some of the Super Bowl parties we’ve seen here in Las Vegas, even though the actual big game has never been here yet, would be quite a feat indeed. Though based on the girls that are working at Sheri’s Ranch, we’d put our clothes money down that they’d be able to pull it off.

The 2018 Super Bowl was hosted in Houston, TX, had 249 arrests in a 10 day prostitution sting that included Super Bowl weekend. They also have no problem publicizing the images of the men who were soliciting the sex workers.

If the 2025 Super Bowl was in Las Vegas, that means there is legal prostitution about an hour away in Nye County. It’s mandatory that the girls are tested for STDs, have their backgrounds checked, are required to make sure the men use condoms. Isn’t it worth enjoying one of the beautiful women at these legal brothels in a safe, private environment.

Legal sex is the way to go. We’ll keep you updated as we find out about Super Bowl venues as the next open venue is 2025.

The NFL doesn’t see the need to allow embedding of their YouTube videos on other websites, so if you haven’t seen the new stadium, click the link to the virtual tour.