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The Brothel Ban Debate, a Big Win for the “No’s”

Well, the debate about the brothel ban question in Lyon County Nevada turned out not to be a debate at all. There were people there to debate on the side of keeping brothels legal in Lyon County, specifically Alice Little and Ruby Rae, and a special appearance by Air Force Amy, who answered questions by Chuck Muth, Dennis Hof’s former campaign manager, but no one showed up to defend the brothel ban.

Noticeably absent was the attorney who is leading the charge to get the brothels banned in Lyon County, Jason Guinasso. According the Mr. Muth, “they said they weren’t invited, [they] knew about this”.

We find that a bit hard to believe that no one on the opposing side knew, or even heard about the debate as the main proponent had the event up on their website for at least 6 days before the debate.

Just to disprove any naysayers saying they put this page up right after the debate… According to Google’s Cache history, it’s been up on their website at the very minimum since October 12th 2018 at 11:06:28. Are we to believe no one told them?!?

Brothel Question Lyon County

Shouldn’t you want to be present at a debate that was put on for the people of Lyon County? We could be wrong, but this looks like further proof that the brothel ban question in Lyon County was indeed a political hit against the late Dennis Hof. A claim Hof made when he was running for the Republican primary against James Oscarson. Hof said Nevadan’s are:

“Rough-and-tumble, live-and-let-live… it’s awful that people would come in and try to change that culture, that they want to inflict their moral values on the rest of us.”

A couple of the questions from the “debate” (not exact quotes on the answers):

  • If brothels are banned, will prostitution go away? Ms. Little said heck no. It’s always been around, it’ll always be around. Keeping it legal just makes it safer.
  • Are you trafficked? Ms. Rae says the girls are not trafficked, not forced, they can make their own choices and want to be supported for making those choices.
  • Can you say “No”? The girls said they can say “no” anytime they’d like, and some do it frequently. They have full choices over who and how much.

The girls reinforced the fact that they are independent contractors and can charge whatever they’d like. They said can leave anytime too.

They answered questions on safety of the girls, STDs, the problems with meeting someone at a nightclub for many guys, and the ease of just going to a brothel, etc.

Chuck Muth, reinforced the point that Lyon County Question 1 is an advisory question and not an end-all-be-all. If voters vote to have brothels banned, the question then goes to the Lyon County Commission. The commission should definitely think of the $458,952 being paid in taxes and fees they receive from the Lyon County Brothels and if banning them is truly a good idea.

The next scheduled event debate is set for October 23rd and the taunts have already started:

This isn’t only about Lyon County. That’s where it’ll start. This is about all Brothels in Nevada. Watch the full event below, and remember to vote No on LC1….

Quick update, the videos have been pulled off of YouTube, but we found them on Livestream.