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The Brothel Debate is Back. Let’s Hear From the Women

If you weren’t aware, the brothel debate is back. If you missed our last post, Senator Joe Hardy feels he knows what’s best for the women who work in legal brothels. He feels they can’t make the decision for themselves, so he wants to make it for them.

On Nevada Newsmakers, we now hear from the 2 courtesans who were the voices in the last vote when the brothel ban came up last year. Ruby Rae and Alice Little.

Items brought up:

  • The girls working at the brothels are doing it by choice.
  • While trying to make the decision for the women, why not ask them?
  • The differences between legal prostitution and illegal prostitution and background checks: FBI fingerprinting.
  • All sexual services are protected. Girls are checked weekly and can not work unless cleared.
  • Alice Little brings up the great point of the conflating of legal prostitution and sex trafficking where people are forced to work.

Hey Joe, if you’d like to give legal sex workers a path to getting out of brothels voluntarily, you can still offer that. They can both exist.