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What Brothel is Closest to Las Vegas?

3 Brothels, 3 Bold Claims.

There are 3 brothels in Nevada all claiming to be “Closest Brothel to Las Vegas”. How can that be? Who really holds the crown? This claim is a huge feather in the cap of the winner. Why? Because Las Vegas is in Clark County, and in Clark county prostitution is illegal. However, there are places that are very close where prostitution is legal. So the claim to being closest to Las Vegas is a big one for bragging rights. Many other websites who haven’t done their own investigating are wrong as we’ve checked every possible way to get there.

We’re done playing around. It’s time to get to the bottom of this.

The Brothels and Their Claims

The 3 brothels claiming the “Closest to Las Vegas” crown are The Chicken Ranch, Sheri’s Ranch, and The Love Ranch Vegas (update: Love Ranch Brothel is now closed).

Let’s start with The Chicken Ranch. Their claim of closest to Las Vegas is on their homepage:

“Located about an hour west of Las Vegas, The Chicken Ranch is the closest brothel to Las Vegas.

Chicken Ranch Brothel

Next up is Sheri’s Ranch. Their claim is on their homepage as well, and it reads:

“Sheri’s Ranch located in Pahrump (Nye County) is the closest legal Nevada brothel from Las Vegas, only 60 miles away.”

Sheri's Ranch Brothel

The third claim is from The Love Ranch Vegas (no longer open). Their claim is was on their Directions page. It said:

“The Love Ranch is the closest legal brothel from the Las Vegas Strip. Located in Crystal, Nevada…”

Love Ranch Brothel

What We Did

We used Google Maps with The Bellagio Hotel and Casino as the starting point. We chose The Bellagio since it’s on the World Famous Las Vegas Strip and right in the middle when looking at the main cluster of hotels on the west side of Las Vegas Blvd. The main cluster starting from The Mandalay Bay and going north to the Stratosphere. It’s also very close to the highway. We did the search on a Saturday when traffic wouldn’t affect the time results.

The Results

The Chicken Ranch time from The Bellagio hotel was 1 hour 4 minutes taking NV-160 West, 59.4 miles.

Directions to Chicken Ranch Brothel

Directions to Chicken Ranch Brothel

Sheri’s Ranch time from The Bellagio is… 1 hour, 5 minutes, 59.6 miles taking… you guessed it, NV-160 West.

Directions to Sheris Ranch Brothel

Directions to Sheri's Ranch Brothel

The Love Ranch clocked in at 1 hour and 25 minutes if you use US-95 North. 81.3 miles.

Love Ranch Map

Love Ranch Map

Well, let’s rule out the Love Ranch, because it looks like it’s not the closest drive.

So, what’s the deal with The Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s Ranch? Well, they’re literally next door to each other. As you can see, it’s a 4 minute walk between the two brothels. The way the directions sent us to Sheri’s from Las Vegas, we had to drive right past The Chicken Ranch. This is the reason why it doesn’t matter what part of Las Vegas you come from. We chose the Bellagio as our starting point, which is right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, but even if we picked another hotel, it wouldn’t matter. You have you drive right past the Chicken Ranch Brothel to get to Sheri’s Ranch.

Chicken Ranch vs Sheri's Ranch

Let’s see if we took a route that didn’t take us past the front door of The Chicken Ranch. Not easy, unless you cut through the dirt street in between the two brothels. So let’s check this alternative route 2 for Sheri’s Ranch.

Chicken Ranch vs Sheri's Ranch

The results of our alternative route to Sheri’s Ranch? 1 hour 9 minutes without traffic. However, it was 58.7 miles.

Alt map route to Sheri's Ranch

So you might be saying, well it takes longer, but its less mileage than The Chicken Ranch. So let’s try the same alt route for The Chicken Ranch.

Alt map route to Chicken Ranch

We get the same 1 hour 9 minutes, again, check the “without traffic”. But the clincher here for The Chicken Ranch if you’re looking at mileage, is 58.5. Winning yet again.

Alt map route to Chicken Ranch

As the Crow Flies

So The Chicken Ranch Brothel takes 2 out of 2 so far. Both time and distance. Let’s take a look at “as the crow flies”. In other words, if you didn’t have a car and were-… a crow… staying at The Bellagio.

From The Bellagio to the Love Ranch, if you flew a direct route over all of the roads, dirt, and desert, it would be a distance of 79.704 kilometers

Map Bellagio to Love Ranch

Map Bellagio to Love Ranch

To the Chicken Ranch from The Bellagio as the crow flies distance is 70.165 kilometers

Map Bellagio to Chicken Ranch Map Bellagio to Chicken Ranch

The Sheri’s Ranch as the crow flies is 70.166 kilometers

Map Bellagio to Sheri's Ranch

Map Bellagio to Sheri's Ranch

And the Winner of Closest Brothel to Las Vegas is….

Okay, so we’ve exhausted this enough. According to our calculations, that’s 3 of 3 for The World Famous Historic Chicken Ranch Brothel for “Closest Brothel to Las Vegas”.

Although all 3 both brothels offer free limo rides from the Strip and all around Las Vegas, so you don’t have to worry about any of this.