Another Nevada Brothel Has Opening Date!

Sheri's Ranch

Good news! It looks like another Nevada Brothel, this time Sheri’s Ranch, has announced their opening as the first week of May! As we reported a couple of weeks ago, the Chicken Ranch plans on opening as well.

More than likely this is due to the fact the the Nevada Governor’s  recovery plan places COVID business restrictions in the hands of the Nye County commission on May 1, 2021. As we mentioned in a previous post, Nye County wants their businesses open ASAP.

Madam Dena at Sheri’s Ranch had this to tweet:

“I’m so excited. 2 major things happening! 1st we are opening the first week of May! Yay!!! 2nd spring is in the air. Yay!!!!”

Sheri’s Ranch website shows the girls schedules starting May 3rd as you can see on Ellie’s schedule.

The legal Brothels will be back in business soon enough, and we can’t wait.

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